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There is no doubt that the vaping industry has come a long way and has greatly increased since the first E-cigarettes came onto the scene a few years ago. Current projections show that it is an industry that could have an estimated worth of $61 billion by 2025. That is a tremendous amount of money but many people are wondering exactly what the future holds for the vaping industry. Of course, no one can foretell the future but there are a few clues that can be used to indicate where the vaping industry will go.


There is no way to foretell which way regulations will go. The FDA has ruled that all vaping products, including e-juices and hardware, will need to be approved by the agency. They have allowed the industry a temporary reprieve so that it can continue to work while they sort things out. There is also an indication that the regulations will apply to marketing. The reason for this is to guarantee that vaping supplies and E cigarettes are not being marketed to anyone under 18 years of age.


New Technology in Vaping Products


The majority of people who switch from a typical cigarette to vaping will begin with a cig-a-like product that feels and looks like a cigarette or an e-cigarette. For this reason, brands such as JUUL, N-JOY, and VUSE will continue to be sold at tobacco shops, convenience stores, and vape stores. They may even follow the example of JUUL and add more flavors. For More info Visit the Best Vape Shop in Edmonton.

Techy Mods

The traditional vape pen has come a long way since its beginning. Customers are demanding longer battery life, customization, better charging, and digital displays. The industry seems to be responding to these demands and you should not be surprised if you see better technology and customization for mods. Some of the things that you can expect to see include touchscreens, fingerprint recognization, Wi-Fi capabilities, built in juice storage, battery packs, and so much more.

The simple truth of marketing is to provide the customer with what they want. The vaping industry realizes that customers are demanding an all-in-one device. Just imagine cell phones decades ago and how now we see tablets and smartphones. The vaping industry will more than likely follow the same type of innovative approach.

As various states consider the legalization of recreational or medical marijuana it means that the vaping industry will also look into vaping hemp or cannabis flowers. People will want to be discreet with their consumption of cannabis and this will be a primary goal for the vaping industry. Today, we see that the industry has introduced innovative vaporizers that can allow the consumer to choose between oil concentrates, dry herb, or wax concentrates.

Also, consider that Apple as recently made an application for a patent for vaporizer technology. This is outside of the company’s normal venue and therefore many people are speculating that Apple is about to enter into the cannabis vaporizer game. Already we see vaporizers with an App for use on both android and iPhone. Imagine the future when a vaping device is as sleek as a smartphone.


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