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Cannabis – the story:

The people and the cannabis plant share a common history that is at least 6,000 years old. Hemp developed in the foothills of the Himalayas from native plants there. As a cultural successor, however, he spread quickly across the entire planet. Today, there is hardly a place in the world where no hemp grows.

Crucial to this spread was that people quickly understood that almost the entire plant could be used. On the one hand, the very nutritious seeds can be eaten and processed further. In addition, the fibrous stems are used to produce, for example, paper, canvas, clothing or ropes. Without hemp sails and ropes, Columbus would not have been able to discover America, and Gutenberg’s Bible or the American Declaration of Independence might not have been possible without hemp paper. At least they would probably not have been preserved to posterity, because the hemp fiber and products made from it are characterized by their special durability. Soon, the people also recognized the resinous flowers, which as a remedy,


The cannabis flowers, more specifically the resin they produce, contain various substances, of which the cannabinoids are responsible for the psychoactive effect and occur only in hemp. Their best known and most important representative is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Cannabis from high-quality cannabis seeds generally has a THC content of 15 to 25 percent in the buds. In addition, however, more than 80 other cannabinoids are identified, of which especially the cannabidiol (CBD) is mentioned. On the one hand, it directly affects the effect of THC, for example by reducing some side effects (eg anxiety). On the other hand, it also has many other medical benefits: it has an analgesic effect, increases appetite, prevents nausea, relieves menstrual pain and, and and …

Medical use:

From this – and from the effects of the other cannabinoids – countless possibilities of medical use arise. For example, cannabis works on spasticity and chronic pain, or helps alleviate the side effects of AIDS and cancer. Recent studies also indicate great potential in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s. Medical cannabis is already successfully used in the US and Israel and is also gaining in importance in Europe.

Cannabis strains:

From a botanical point of view, there are actually only three varieties of hemp, namely cannabis indica, cannabis sativa and cannabis ruderalis. The varieties available today are mostly hybrids (“hybrids”) of these species. Due to the intersection of different hemp species and site variants, very different characteristics in appearance and effect can be highlighted. Modern and high-quality hemp seeds are therefore not a “surprise egg”, but can, with expert care, become plants that are predictable in their size, yield and effect. In addition, there are now feminized cannabis seeds , so seeds that only female and therefore usable plants, or automatically seeds that begin to flower by themselves after a certain time.

The full selection from this extensive offer – we carry, among other things, by far the largest autoflowering assortment in Europe – available from With us you can buy the most available cannabis seeds. In addition to an overview of individual manufacturers from all over the world who produce crosses as well as original, single-variety seeds, you can also choose directly between Autoflowering, Cannabis Cup winners or medicinal varieties. Of course, we ship the hemp seeds of your choice discreetly, quickly and in their original packaging. It goes without saying that our seeds are absolutely fresh and we guarantee you the best price guarantee.


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